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Morocco Sawdust Drying Production Line

    Capacity:100t / d      Add: Morocco      Floor areas:8m*18m

At present, the Moroccan wood chip dryer has been put into production. The above is a video sent from the case. Since the listing of Zhengzhou Dingli's wood chip dryer, the technical advantages have emerged. It is favored by domestic and foreign customers, and is exported to more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe, there are more than 20 production lines only exported to Vietnam.

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Yuanyang Sawdust Drying Plant

Sawdust Drying Plant

Capacity: 3 t/h

add: Yuanyang China

India Wood Chips Drying Production Line

Wood Chips Drying Production Line

Capacity: 80t/d

add: India

Hunan Bamboo Chips Drying Granulation Production Line

Bamboo Chips Drying Granulation Plant

Capacity: 50t/d

add: Hunan China

Romania Wood Chips Dryer Site

Wood Chips Dryer Site

Capacity: 60-80t/d

add: Romania

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